About us

We are an associated consulting organization with managerial expertise in multiple markets.

We provide value added professional services focused on improving our customers’ performance by increasing their management quality, business processes and use of IT.

Our vision

To be the vendor for integral solutions to address Business Management and Organization challenges with the best quality/cost ratio.

Our name

aximia© trademark results from an interesting work process. About 600 potential names were taken into account in that process. 20 out of 600 were screened and each of them was evaluated in terms of:

  • Neutral phonetics in English, Portuguese, French and German
  • Availability as dot com domain
  • Our target audience’s name recalling
  • The design of the logo and image was in charge of GLDG Imagen Institucional
  • The site design and construction were carried out by dreamövate
  • The photos were used under iStockPhoto Inc. license.