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This document is also available in Portuguese

Privacy policy

aximia© requires certain personal data and information which may be considered confidential (not sensitive) under Law 24766 (Confidentiality) and Law 25326 (Habeas-Data) of the Argentine Republic, and like laws where applicable. These are considered minimum requirements to maintain the relationship between aximia© and the user community and they will be used to:

  • Process and validate the requests for information and/or registrations in our services.
  • Obtain hits data
  • Manage the user community.
  • Develop appropriate customer and user functionality.

The collected data and information will not be disclosed to third parties without authorization and are protected pursuant to the provisions stated in the above mentioned laws.

Given that the delivery of information is personal and optional, visitors expressly consent that their data may be treated pursuant to the above mentioned purposes. aximia© also reserves the right to remove those profiles which do not comply with the agreement of the information terms.

Any notice which is sent by electronic means, via e-mail, is ensured on an "as is" basis; users expressly agree to use this means when they use the registration forms and/or request information.

In case of any doubt, please contact aximia©.

This document is also available in Spanish
This document is also available in Portuguese